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    Conveyor Belts

    CBT is the only multi brand conveyor belt supplier company of the market, which allows us to look always for the best alternative for each type of necessity of our clients.

    Conveyor belts CBT brand are manufactured in the most modern and largest fabric in the world, in order to supply belts of up to 3000 mm width and 10.000kN tension.

    CBT conveyor belts operate in the most important mine sites of Chile.

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    CBT Permanent Scan

    CBT Permanent Scan, fundamental tool for online monitoring of steel cable conveyor belts, in the most critical systems of big mining operations.

    Technology that allows a remote and online diagnosis of the belt, based in the well-known and successful CBT Belt C.A.T. Scan technology.

    We offer remote assistance for the continuous analysis of data obtained from the scanner, generating the corresponding alarms to the different events of the belt.

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    CBT Belt Clamping System

    CBT Belt Clamping System, developed by CBT to maximize the safety and speed in installation and uninstallation maneuvers of belts, located on high and difficult access places.

    This system acts as a press which allows the belt to slip in a controlled way and with minimum air pressure.

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    CBT Belt Winder

    CBT Belt Winder, developed by CBT to replace long conveyor belts in a fast, efficient, and safe way, since it enables changing the belts in its own circuit.

    CBT Belt Winder is made for different belt specifications reaching up to 2134 mm width and 60 tons pull capacity.

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    PROK pulleys

    PROK is the world’s leader manufacturer of engineering pulley for the mining industry.

    Flexible design that uses the best technology and materials available. Capable of designing and manufacturing pulleys for the systems with more tension in the world.

    Currently PROK pulleys operate in important mine sites of the great mining industry.

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    Beltwall Conveyor Belts (USA)

    Beltwall is specialist in conveying materials with inclines up to 90°, saving space and elements for the conveyor construction.

    Beltwall is composed by a base belt with transversal rigidity, two cold bonded corrugated sidewalls at each side and hot vulcanized cleats attached to the base belt.

    Its main characteristic is to allow an extra support from side to side without losing the necessary longitudinal flexibility to operate in the recommended pulley diameter range, according to work tensions and number of layers.

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    PROK is the solution that has been developed by Conveyor Belt Technology in order to improve the roll performance of conveyor systems, using the benefits of heavy duty plastic composite in a new generation design with centrifugal seal.

    PROK idlers have a great loading capacity and wear resistance with low weight and low friction coefficient, which allows a considerable saving in the system energy consumption.

    Its antacid and anticorrosive qualities guarantee the PROK performance in time, in any type of environment. Its weight reduced to half in comparison to a similar steel idler, provides greater safety and simplicity in the maintenance maneuvers.

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    Rip Detection System

    Rip Detection System is used to detect longitudinal rips in fabric or steel cable belts, preventing greater damages by stopping the belt transmission.

    90% of the damages occurs during the loading process and these are caused by foreign objects that fall and rip the belts. The remaining 10% is caused by rips between the loading and running of the belt.

    This product uses a Transmitter and a Receptor that read the coil signals and detect when one is damaged or cut, sending a signal to the receptor which immediately stops the belt, thus avoiding rips and greater damages.

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    Scanning, CBT Belt C.A.T. Scan

    CBT Belt C.A.T. Scan, a very important tool for the preventive maintenance of steel cable belts.

    Through the use of magnetism, it provides a clear and precise picture of the belt steel cables and splices condition. In order to take a report it’s not even necessary to stop the normal functioning of the conveyor.

    Technology used in the last 20 years by national and international mines, giving results highly reliable and determinant in the assessment of steel cable belts condition.

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    Belt installation

    By using the CBT Belt Clamping System CBT has installed belts of great complexity in mine sites all over the world.

    With a high safety record and the best installation time, CBT stands out as a global leader in this matter.

    CBT has qualified personnel in the different continents to be always close to the next big project.

    We have supervised the installation carried out by third parties all over the word.

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    Splice supervision

    CBT personnel is highly qualified to supervise the whole splicing process, both for fabric and cable belts.

    We have advanced technology to ensure that the required time, pressure and temperature in the vulcanizing process are fulfilled.

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    Belt Splices

    CBT has highly trained vulcanizing technicians that have been involved in several national and international projects.

    We have all the last generation and necessary equipment to carry out properly any type of splice, in any width or tension required.

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