(BHP Billiton, RTZ y Mitsubishi)

The biggest mining operation in the world.

CBT has been involved since phase III in all the expansions of Minera Escondida, through the supply, supervision and assembling of the conveyor belts (phase III, phase IV, E 2 and E 3, Escondida Norte).

CBT maintains current contract for the last 5 years for the supervision and quality control of all the splices carried out by third parties in Escondida, in the crushing and oxide areas.

CBT periodically carries out scanners to all steel cable belts in Escondida, using the CBT Belt C.A.T. Scan, as part of the preventive maintenance plan.

CBT supplied the pulleys for the Laguna Seca project together with the manufacturer RAS.

CBT has supplied a CBT Belt Winder to the Laguna Seca concentrator plant for the maintenance of its belts.

Only in the last year, CBT has supplied more than 15.000 m of steel cable belts CBT brand.